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Lease with Pet Addendum

The parties agree this NC Lease may be signed electronically by typing signature and sending via email to  Please fill in the blanks, then send copy to Host.

This Short-Term Rental Agreement is made between Mae Creadick, “Owner” of Buncombe County, NC and “Guest” ____________________of ______________ County, ____as outlined in this online booking site through Airbnb or VRBO as of the date booked on that site. For good and valuable consideration, the parties agree as follows:

PROPERTY: The rental property identified in the booking site with amenities listed on the booking site.

RENTAL PARTY: The rental party shall be no more than allowed through the booking site.

TERM OF LEASE: As agreed to on the booking site, the lease begins at ___ p.m. on the Check-in Date and ends at ___a.m. on the Check-out Date.

CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT TIMES: Due to high demand for the cabins and lengthy cleaning procedures between guests, we cannot accommodate early check-ins or late check-outs. 

MINIMUM AGE: Primary responsible party must be 21 years of age unless Guest has approval of Owner.

RULES: Guest agrees to abide by the Rental Rules outlined on the booking site during their stay.

ACCESS: Guest shall allow Owner access to the property for purposes of repair, hot tub cleaning, trash removal, landscaping work and inspection.

RATE AND FEES: Fees are specified through the online booking site for this listing.

CANCELLATION POLICY: The cancellation policy of the booking site shall apply to this agreement. We highly recommend guests purchase affordable travel insurance when booking, or through the following sites:

REFUNDS: If Guest wishes to cancel a reservation, the booking site refund policy shall apply. Owner is not responsible for guest’s inability to reach the property due to bad road conditions, or improper equipment. Guest agrees he or she is responsible for having a proper vehicle or equipment to travel to the property during weather events.

PLEASE NOTE: We have a strict cancellation policy. Please purchase travel insurance.

DAMAGE DEPOSIT. The damage deposit of the online booking site shall apply to this agreement. No charges will be incurred if the following provisions are met:

  1. No damage is done to the cabin or cabin property, hot tubs or landscape.

  2. No charges are incurred due to contraband, smoking, pets or collection of rents or services.

  3. All check-out procedures are followed. Procedures are posted on-site in each cabin kitchen, and in our house manual on site.

  4. All charges accrued during the stay are paid prior to departure.

  5. No property is lost or damaged.

  6. No early check-in or late check-out without prior approval of owners.

  7. The renter is not evicted by the owner (or representative of the owner) or law enforcement.

PHONE AND WIRELESS: Owner provides wireless internet access during guest’s stay. The username and password will be available upon check-in. Guest agrees to bring their own cell phone to use via wireless service during their stay as there are no telephones on site.

The parties agree to the terms of this NC Short Term Rental Agreement, which the parties agree may be electronically signed by typing signatures.

Owner: M. Mae Creadick, Cell: 828-808-7514

Guest typed signature: ____________________________

Cell: ______________________


With permission of the owner, Guest may bring ______ pet(s), named ______________________, ages ___________.  We LOVE puppies, but as their behavior is unpredictable, they are not allowed on the property.

  1. Owner charges a minimal $50 pet fee as long as guest abides by this agreement, and leaves no trace of the pet after departure. Approved pets include well-behaved dogs. We cannot host cats.

  2. Guest agrees the pet will not be allowed on furniture, in hot tub or shower, and Guest will not use cabin towels for pet. Guest will bring towels and bedding to accommodate the pet.

  3. Pet food should not be left outdoors which attracts wildlife.

  4. Guest agrees the pet will be kept leashed outdoors for the safety of the pet from wildlife, and safety of neighbors and other guests on the property.

  5. Guest agrees to clean up after their pet both inside and outside. Guest will remove pet waste from around the property and place bagged pet waste in exterior garbage cans. Any excessive cleaning due to pet, or damage caused by pet will be taken out of the security deposit. If the security deposit is not sufficient to cover damage, Guest agrees he/she will promptly pay Owner for any damage caused by pet.

  6. No pets will be allowed on the property that have a history of property damage or harming people or other pets. Guest confirms that pet(s) has no history of property damage or harming people or other pets.

  7. All pets must be current on vaccinations. Guest confirms that pet(s) is current on all shots and vaccinations.

  8. Only Guest’s pet is allowed on the property.

  9. Guest agrees to keep his/her pet under control at all times, so that the pet does not disturb other guests or neighbors. Guests must keep their pet from barking between normal sleeping hours of 9pm and 9am.

  10. Guest agrees they will not leave their pet unattended indoors unless crated, or unattended outdoors. Guest will not allow pet to bark continuously outdoors or indoors with windows open, which disturbs neighbors. Guest agrees to keep the pet with them while away from the cabin for long periods during the day or at night. The Shope Creek area has active bears that have been known to harm pets, and it is not safe to leave pets tied up at the cabin.

  11. Guest assumes any and all liability for any damage pet causes, or harm pet causes to the property or person of others. Guest agrees to hold Owner harmless for any damage or injury their pet causes others. Owner recommends Guest obtain renter’s insurance that covers pets. Some suggestions include

  12. Approval of the pet is conditioned on Guest’s continued compliance with this policy.

Guest typed signature: ________________________________


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